Tar and Gravel Roof Repair

How do we go about repairing a Tar and Gravel Roof?

It is common to have a tar and gravel roof for a residential home. However, this type of roof is prone to leaks and that is why we would like to share the basics of repairing this kind of roof in case you have one.

  1. Locating the problem

As a homeowner, you can repair a tar and gravel roof yourself but Bayside Roofing is here just in case. First, you will have to locate the problem. This would be the hardest part, especially that water can travel from the original source of the leak before it shows in your house. Go up to your roof and take with you a broom and a rake up, then check the flashing to see if there are any cracks, then look if there is any gravel missing or if there are any damage in the lower layers of asphalt. When you find the damaged area, rake the gravel away in a careful way. Then, sweep off any dust and debris. Use a cloth to clean it. The area should be thoroughly cleaned so that the primer and the patch would adhere.

In case you have a many areas with a problem or there is slumping in the roof deck, then you will need to call a professional before things get worse. In such case, a total overhaul of the roof is needed.tar-roofing

  1. Primer and Patch

After cleaning the area and allowing it to dry, you should apply the primer. Use a paint brush or a roller to do so. The primer should be applied in an even coat and then allowed to fully dry. After that, apply the tar and gravel roof repair patch. It would be better if you do it in two layers. The first layer should be cut to be at least 3’’ larger than the crack, and the second layer should be 2’’ larger than the first one. Apply the first patch without making trapped air pockets. Press it to your roof with a roller. The second patch is applied in the same way. The patch then should be covered with an even layer of gravel.

Should you do it yourself or hire a professional roofer in Tampa Bay?

Since water can travel before you can see it leaking, it can pose a problem for you. Even if you find a couple of cracks and fix them, you may have not found the actual problem. You may have to consider hiring a professional roofer so that you can get an accurate diagnosis of the problem. However, if you want to do it yourself, it would be better to at least have a professional inspect the roof.