Shake Roofs

Shake roofs are unique and look wonderful on homes in wooded areas surrounded by trees.  Here is some additional information on this roof type.

Do Shake Roofs go against the grain?

Shake roofs in Pinellas County

Shake roofs look great if your property is surrounded by trees and nature.

The wooden shingle or shake roof has become a premium product for the rustic roof look. It costs more than the rolled roofing product or the common asphalt shingle.  However, it is chosen for its aesthetic qualities and its ability to blend with Florida’s natural surroundings.  In addition, the wood shingles and shakes perform well in high wind which causes damage to other roof types.  Although they are susceptible to rotting, warping, and splitting if you provide a proper maintenance plan this will definitely reduce the chance of them going bad.

Shake Roofs Enhance The Natural Beauty Of Your Home.

A standard asphalt three-tab roof would mainly require moss control.  Asphalt-based roof coverings will degrade as they are affected by the sunlight, the erosive impact of winds and rain.  If moss is well controlled, asphalt roofs will serve a fixed term that cannot be really extended.  However, most shake roofs are made from western redcedar which is decay resistant.  The bundles of material needed will depend on the type of the product you choose, the pattern, the slope of your roof and the application procedures.  These variables not only affect the bundles of material but also the quality of the roof.

The lifetime of a roof can be determined by its quality, the site itself, the weathering elements to which the roof is exposed to here in Florida and the maintenance procedures performed.  As a result, we can say that thicker, better quality roofs that are maintained in a proper way and are exposed to moderate conditions will definitely last longer than the thinner, lower grade roofs that are not maintained and that are exposed to harsh conditions.

Although it would be difficult to predict exactly how long a roof can last, it is definite that the better you care for the shakes and shingles, the longer your roof last.  In conclusion, as long as you properly inspect and have a maintenance schedule shake roofs can last decades and will enhance the beauty of your home for sure.  Would you like to know more about this type of roof?  please give us a call.  We will come out and look at your property in answer all your questions.  We can also give you a free estimate when we visit.  Here is a good article on the maintenance of shake roofs.