Roof Inspections

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Roof inspections Pasco County Florida

Roof inspections Pasco County Florida

All kinds of roofs should receive periodic roof inspections.   A regular maintenance schedule will provide an effective long service life.  Periodic inspections as well as maintenance are usually required by manufacturers.  This keeps roofing warranties fully effective.  All building and homeowners should have a program for the periodic roof inspections and maintenance.

Roof inspections should be done by a licensed roofing contractor.

If you have an issue with your roof call a professional.  It may seem like a good idea to take a photo on your phone and bring it to Home Depot.  But the guy working at Home Depot is not a licensed roofing contractor.  There is a wide variety of components and installation techniques when it comes to the modern roofs. Only a licensed roofing contractor should conduct inspections (inspections can also be done by any roofing professional that is similar to a licensed roofing contractor). Usually, each year, roofs should be inspected twice: once in the spring and another time in the late fall. In the case of a roof warranty, one of the inspections at least should be done by the licensed contractor who had previously installed the roof.

It should be noted that usually the cost of a periodic inspection will not be included in the original cost in the warranty that the manufacturer had offered. This is why, it is advised that the building owner gets in touch with the licensed contractor in order to receive a proposal for an ongoing service of inspection and maintenance.

You should only have this done by a professional and licensed contractor we want to allow you an in-depth view of what we do during our inspections.  Feel free to contact us at any time with questions.  We have been performing roof inspections for nearly 30 years.  We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor.  We will be happy to help you with your roof inspection.  In many cases only a minor repair is needed or none at all.  When we come out we will explain our process for inspecting your roof.  We feel it is important that you understand what we are looking for.  Each year building codes may get updated.  New technology for roofs may get updated.  Industry standards improve with technology.  We can do a complete assessment of your roof.  Once you have all the information about your roof inspection you can make an educated decision.

To schedule your roof inspections with us you should call now.  Our phone number is 727-844-7663.  In most cases you will be answered by a live person.  We can usually schedule you within the same week that you call.  Our trained and friendly staff is here to serve you.  For more detailed information on roof inspections on our website look here.  We also found a good article on roof inspections here.

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